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The Paraná state has an institution exclusively dedicated to the promotion of technological innovation, the Tecpar Innovation Agency, a unit of the Paraná Institute of Technology (Tecpar), which supports innovation and entrepreneurship in the territory of Paraná

The Agency aims to attract small, medium and large size enterprises in order to become partners of Tecpar in the Human and Animal Health areas, also in the agrobusiness and energy areas, attending its vocation in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I).

The Agency offers support in the protection and dissemination of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and by its innovative character, the agency covers other highly innovative units, like the incubators, technological parks and the Technological Surveillance and Information Department.

Products and services offered by the Agency:

  • Management of the intellectual property for products, processes and technologies developed by Tecpar and its partners;
  • Studies of technological prospection and competitive intelligence in agrobusiness, energy and health areas;
  • Catalog with patents of the Universities and RD&I Institutes of Paraná State;
  • State-of-art searches through international patent databases;
  • Dissemination of the intellectual property culture through capacitation;
  • Prospecting of funding sources in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) at national and international level.

The Agency counts with the infrastructure of two Technological Parks: one addressed to the health area and formed by two campi, in Curitiba city and in Araucária, metropolitan region of Curitiba; the other one, in Jacarezinho city, in the Pionner Northern region of Paraná State, focused on the incentive to the innovative companies in the agro-industrial area. In order to implement the concepts of Living Lab, Tecpar currently has projects for the installation of a Smart Farm and Energy Camp in the Technology Parks.

Technological Parks

Tecpar is the manager of the Health Technological Park. The Carlos Chagas Institute (ICC), the Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná (IBMP), the Technological Incubator of Tecpar (Intec) and others companies are installed in the Park.

Technological Incubator of Tecpar

The Technological Incubator of Tecpar (Intec) considered one of the best incubators in Brazil, with headquarter in Curitiba and has an operation centre in Jacarezinho city. Intec counts with a modern prototype laboratory which offers 3D printing services and prototyping of printed circuit boards, services that are vital for the validation of a new product. For 30 years, Intec has provided technological and management support to more than 100 startups, some of them have turn out to be multinationals companies.

Technological Solutions and Consultancies

The Technological Surveillance and Information Department works with advanced Data Analytics tools, Project Management and Process Simulation, offering specialized support for companies to reinvent themselves and access new markets.

The Technological Solutions are provided in three main areas:

  • Health (foods, water and drinks, food security, medicines and cosmetics, activity/efficiency of sanitizing and home sanitizing products, waters and industrial effluents, dental, medical and hospital products, ambient air);
  • Materials (plastics, rubbers and metal, mechanics and paper, cellulose, wood and furniture);
  • Agribusiness (fertilizers, contaminants, agro-chemical residues and of veterinary medicinal products).

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Marcus Julius Zanon
Intellectual Property Lawyer, Innovation and Technology Analyst, Industrial Property Agent (INPI).
+55 41 2104 3492

Learn more about the work performed by the Tecpar Agency of Innovation in our website www.tecpar.br

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